Rafael Corrales Pulido

Computing systems technic and logistic responsible in Instrumentación y Componentes.System Computing engineer student and ASI titled, club´s creator, he has gone to MSX fairs in Barcelona, Madrid, Badalona and Tilburg. Active collaborator in MSX magazines, he support the club sales and orders, public relations and development of Internet and net resources. Madrid fair organization. replay@wanadoo.es

Cabrera Bros.

Miguel Angel Cabrera (left), Bussines Computing engineer student by UCM (Madrid), he went to fairs in Madrid, Barcelona, Cartagena, Zandvoort and Tilburg. Programmer and CD developer.

Ignacio Cabrera, the same fairs as his brother, HTML designer for the comercial pages in Internet, he distribuites products list in the news, CD developer, he makes CD covers. secondf@hotmail.com

Fernando López and Iván Isidro Esnaola

Iván Isidro Esnaola (right) ivisoft@softhome.net , system helpdesk in Equant, active club´s collaborator and programmer. He has been in Madrid, Barcelona and Tilburg fairs. Fernando is an active collaborator and he is a programmer...

Jose María Pacheco

Technical telecomunications engineer, he went to Madrid, Barcelona and Cartagena fairs, he helped to Padial in the hardware developing, he write technical articles in MSX magazines. jpacheco@mundofree.com


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