walking to the 2000...


One year more the waited date comes, when Madrid open its doors to the MSX, in this issue MadriSX was in Saturday 6th of March, in the same meeting center of last issues, the cultural centre "Fernando de los Rios", in this fair we had many illusions because for first time we received the visit of a foreign group, we were conviced to get more hat 100 visitors and yes, we got it and the 5th of March the friends of Sunrise (Koen and Rob) landed in Barajas, they came for first time to Spain.

The fair started like other years at nine o´clock, when in the cultural centre surround are there were many cars of expositors, they started to install the stands and we had some troubles to install the neccesary stands, there were too much expositors in a little room, a little room this year, because in othe edition there were less expositors and the room was enough, the growing of this fair make to this room too little for our requeriments and the cultural centre could not get us the big room of the last fair, so we install 11 stands (almost of them shared). For second time, Hnostar visited us and they surprised once time more with an incredible stand, bigger than the last year one.

We will start to see the fair contents trough the stands:

1. Moai Tech & PCM: Moai visisited MadriSX for first time, this recently created group came with their interesting fanzine called Moai, they also presented some picture disks and music disks. They sold some second hand products.
Pedro Cruz (PCM) showed the program Renta 98, it needs a update. He sold MSX ballpens.

2. Canor & MSX Spirit: Daniel Zorita presented a new tool for MSX, CanorOS, a graphical enviroment with a friendly interface, icons and graphics help to the user to control all the hard disk programs and files.
MSX Spirit came represented by Eustasio, sadly this group is almost dissapeared and they only showed some rememebers.

3.Ivi & Second Foundation: the Cabrera bros came with many CDs, every of them with special prices, like Xtory III or the Power CDs, they presented MSX fairs videos, like the last Barcelona fair (in VideoCD and VHS format), they showed ADAM CDs for Manga and Anime fanatics. For surprising us they showed an advanced version of the MMSX (without Z380 for the moment), the people could comprobate the big improvements and the great details of the MMSX case.
Ivi was for first time in MadriSX fair as a group, they gave a Gauntlet special version with keyboard and hard disk installable.

4.Padial Hardware: Finally we could see the final version of the Z380 board, but we would desired to see it working in an MSX computer (promise for the next MSX fair), at least the exposition that Leonardo offered was very complete and nobody disagree with the Z380 board and the Padial work. The new board is prepared to be plugged in 8 and 32 bits slots, only modifying the connector, it has a size similar to Rs232 cartridge of Mithsubishi. Padial sold 32 bits slotexpanders, new 32 bits slotexpander controllers called GSA, he had the new serial interface with serial and PS/2 connectors for PC devices, MSX ports and a sound mixer. He showed the eproms programmer and sold memory expansions. He gave many documents and information.

5.VAJ Club: We missed them in the last MSX fair of Madrid, but this year they compensate it with great products, like the new Lehenak fanzine, the issue number 8 with a great disk complement. They sold a new game called Bingo, it is a great version of the Bingo game with number speech. They had Sega adapted guns with MSX games and some hardware products like Pal Converter, a good PAL adaptor for NTSC machines and they load some EVA files.

6.Hnostar: They have used us to see spectacular stands, the contents of the stand will not be less, they had the major part of their products, so it is impossible to describe everything, they had old Hnostar magazines with incredible prices and new games like Brain, similar to Street Fighter ith MSX style, they sold the last japanese diskmagazines like NV, a music disk called Home Pop Clazzix. They sold some original cartridges, Fmpac, CDs. They presented a new Future Disk number, they sold Hispasoft card and they also did demostrations of GFX9000 + Video9000.

7.Sunrise: They landed for first time in Spain and we liked their stand, with spectacular demonstrations using a GFX9000 plus two video 9000,. They sold some products like Pal Encoder, Xtazy music CD, PAIII music CD and old games reeditions like Akin. And of course they sold Lost World game. In hardware they sold GAL chips for ampliated MSX-2+, a new GBasic for GFX9000 and SRAM for Moonsound, with installation included.

8.MSX-Men & AAM: Ramón Ribas showed us some japanese products, he sold Animecha, a great animation generator with a great spanish manual edited by MSX-Men, he also showed Magical Labyrinth Remix. They sold Nuts game of Kai magazine, the new Eurolink issue and ACCnet with the new Coms6 communications program, excellent terminal with Zmodem and ANSI color.

9.Mesxes & Majara: Nestor sold the great disk called MSX-2 Technical Handbook, imprescindible for MSX programmers, he sold some SD Mesxes magazines and the FAT16 for MegaSCSI.
Majara demonstrated us that they continue working for ending ther Poder Oscuro game, maybe in some future centuries they will finish it.

10.Boh.Ken & Trunks: here you can see to Manuel Pazos, he presented the new FAT16 in Megascsi, very useful for avoid the eternal limitation of 32 Mb per partition, he showed almost finished games like Puddle Land and KPI Ball.
Trunks installed SCC switchers, TCP/IP project and he sold Risk II english version.

11.Ñaca & MSX Power Replay: The Ñaca group was represented by Morente, he sold a great CD called Legazy, with all the MSX roms, some of them never seen in Europe. He wanted to sell a SCC&PSG music CD called PSG Dreams, but the postal service broke the CD during the postage, in the next MSX fair in Madrid they will sell this CD, with great themes from Konami games in masterized versions.
Rafa Corrales sold products from foreign groups, like SCC Ram, SCX Ram, DOS2, Aladin, Kit 7 mhz...with small prices.

12.Second hand: We could buy everthing for MSX, cartridges, printers, MSX computers, diskdrive controllers...

There were some special events, like a draw of MSX products, a special lunch payed by the expositors, offered to all the fair visitors. At the end of the fair we give a gift to the cultural centre, the gift was a marked cover of the Hnostar with a photo of the centre and a dedication in memory of the Madrid MSX fairs.

Finally we received 114 visitors, 18 expositors, we missed to some users and the visit of a TV channel that finally forgot our MSX meeting.

Now we will list all the expositors of MadriSX´99:

1. AAM (Barcelona) - Jose María Alonso y Sergio Guerrero.
2. Boh.Ken (Cantabria) - Manuel Pazos.
3. Canor (Valladolid) - Daniel Zorita.
4. Club Mesxes (Mallorca) - Nestor Soriano.
5. Hnostar (Coruña) - Jesús, Alvaro y Angel Tarela.
6. Ivi (Madrid) - Iván Isidro Esnaola y Oscar Isidro.
7. MSX-Men (Barcelona) - Ramón Ribas.
8. Moai Tech (Barcelona) - Manuel Dopico y Enma Contreras.
9. MSX Power Replay (Madrid) - Rafa Corrales, Ivan de la Peña y Jose M.Pacheco.
10. MSX Spirit (Murcia) - Eustasio Viviente.
11. Majara Soft (Madrid) - Manuel Varela, Jesús Gómez y Cesar Castillo.
12. Ñaca (Granada) - Jose Angel Morente y Diego Millán.
13. Padial Hardware (Madrid) - Leonardo Padial y Leonardo Padial jr.
14. PCM (Albacete) - Pedro Cruz.
15. Sunrise (Holanda) - Rob Hiep y Koen van Hartingsveldt.
16. Second Foundation (Madrid) - Miguel Angel e Ignacio Cabrera.
17. Trunks (Navarra) - David Madurga.
18. VAJ Club (Vizcaya) - Valeriano, Verónica, Andoni y Julio Velasco.