Updated 14/03/05


This section is dedicated to MSX fairs, meetings and different MSX stuff, like users, special meetings and photos of all the MSX related events. Here you will can find great and nice contents, you can add your prefered stuff asking to us. For the moment we publish a lot of nice pictures and information...


All the photos from MadriSX 2001

Reportaje y fotos de MadriSX 2002


MadriSX & Retro 2004

All the photos shooted inside MadriSX & Retro 2005

Great report and photos of Barcelona 2000

MSX Meeting Barcelona 2001

All about Barcelona 2002

RU 24, BCN Revolutions

Photos of Badalona Meeting

Tilburg 2002 - photos and online diary

Tilburg surprise

NL Holidays 2003

All about Euskal 9 party, don´t miss it!!!

Picture album of Euskal Encounter 12 - RetroEuskal


The little MSX section for kids